Hello! I am Photographer Lori DeHart-Andersen. I am a Mother, Wife, and beyond blessed child of God. I adore my family and friends and I'm always eager to meet new people. I feel like I bring a love of life and people to all of my images. I try my best to capture your memories in a very personal and unique way. I want to help you discover your own photogenic style. I think it is the trait of a talented photographer, to instinctively know their subjects… To capture their natural beauty and give the viewer a true glimpse into the life of the one being photographed.. I want you to feel comfortable and just be yourself! Have you ever heard someone say “I’m just not very photogenic”? Well, that’s simply never true! Every man, woman, animal, plant, and thing created by God on this earth has potential photogenic appeal - if properly portrayed. There is no tangible “Photogenic” skill set needed by the subject. However, it is a set of acquired skills the *photographer * must possess. Yes, You read that correctly… I said The Photographer!

Skills like :
* Proper equipment (and the use thereof!)
* The use of various Lighting techniques to capture your "best side".

Helping you to know:
· When and how to smile for the camera (Answer: Less often than you may think!)
· What to wear for your session
· What kinds of poses to assume, and when posing isn’t necessary.
· What direction to look, face, turn your eyes, etc.
· How to position yourself among others in a group photo.
· How to position yourself relative to props or features in your photo.

Lastly - In the age of digital imagery your photographer should possess the ability to skillfully and artistically retouch your images through post processing methods.

It is always my pleasure to help you! I’m not one of those photographers that is going to bark orders at you. Ok, maybe I 'bark' lovingly.l every now and then.. More often you will hear me say “Just make yourself comfortable.” Or “Don’t mind me, just be you”. It is my goal to make your session as fun and fulfilling for you as I can! I want you to leave your photo shoot with an experience unlike any you have ever had!

I am truly honored to capture your special memories with you. I love the world and the people I am blessed to view through my lens.

Most Sincerely From My Hart